Participatory video brings people together to explore issues, find a voice and tell their stories


Participatory video brings people together to explore issues, find a voice and tell their stories

Participatory Video

empowers people and groups, giving participants ownership and control of their story and the way it’s told

produces immediate & tangible results

brings people together and strengthens community through building consensus and focusing purpose

facilitates story sharing between communities

enables participants to share their perspectives and stories, increasing their visibility with decision makers


     Who is Participatory Video for?

  • Community Workers
  • Independent Researchers
  • Marketeers
  • Charities, Non-profits & NGOs
  • Businesses and Corporations
  • Government, Policy & Decision Makers
  • Schools, Universities and Educators

Our Services

PV is a dynamic tool that is flexible and adaptable to the needs of a diverse range of individuals and organisations.

Common applications are:

user generated content

monitoring and evaluation 

community consultation and engagement

therapeutic uses


team building

Our Approach

  • The facilitator, who assists the group while encouraging participants to lead throughout, introduces the process.
  • All participants learn how to use the video equipment through a series of group exercises.
  • The group suggests and explores topics to feature in their video, sharing perspectives and moving towards a consensus.
  • If the group decides it wants to share the videos more widely, potential audiences are identified.
  • The group decides how best to communicate their story in the video, through documentary, drama, video diary or other techniques.  
  • Participants script/storyboard, direct, film, and edit their video, retaining full editorial control throughout.
  • Once the group is satisfied with their finished video, they review whether, how and with whom they wish to share the video.